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JoAnn Cohen

I might be the Baby of Blinktank, but as an even younger person I was greatly concerned by the roles media plays in our society. I've been determined to be one of the positive players in the media, and blinktank gives me an opportunity to do so.

I recently graduated from Framingham State College, and through some miracle I actually have a job. I currently work at the Better Business Bureau, Inc. Serving Eastern MA, ME and VT and travel around our service area teaching people about using credit wisely, avoiding scams, giving wisely to charities, using Bureau services, etc. I talk to students, seniors, and everyone in between. The best part: I have a real office with a window and everything!

I'm interested in documentaries as art and as public service. Working both at my job and in my free time on things that actually matter to me is a privilege, and I consider myself very privileged to be involved with Blinktank.

As an activist, I am most deeply concerned with women's issues, children's issues, consumer issues, and racial and cultural issues.

As a consumer, I love shoes, food, stupid cute things, and finding things on sale.






















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