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Produced by Julie Crinière and Lu, Chih-Lan

> Irma de Cáceres: Goddess of Truth
An imaginative re-telling of the story of her immigration to the U.S. by a Honduran student at Chelsea High School. Available for purchase from Documentary Educational Resources.

Produced by Rudy Hypolite

> Hansen's Disease: A Family's Odyssey
> Taking It To The Screens
> Boston Carnival: It's West-Indian Culture

Produced by Michael Underwood

> Just Passing Through
> Winter Splash
> Second Gear
> Beers, Babes and Bull's-Eyes

Produced by Tim Wright

> Conservation of Matter: The Fall and Rise of Boston's Elevated Subway (Principal photography by Michael Underwood and Karen Ellzey).
> Plastic: Credit Cards and the Culture of Debt (in progress).
> The Making of the Strangler's Wife (in progress).
With Kris Britt, Molly Froelich, Catherine O'Neill, Stacy Sheehan, and Rod Williams.

















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