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who we are

Rudy Hypolite

I am an independent producer of documentaries, my true passion. More recently, I have become involved in short film and video narratives. My experience flows into all aspects of production, including directing, producing, videography, analog and non-linear editing. 

Early on in my journey, I realized the power of this medium and continue to take  the responsibility of wielding that power very seriously. I enjoy collaborating on projects that address social and cultural issues and give a voice to those who are seldom heard. My colleagues in Blinktank share a similar vision and passion and are an incredible resource for me.

Documentary Projects

Hansen's Disease: A Family's Odyssey

This digital video documentary is currently a work-in-progress. This program will explore the social, medical, religious and historical aspects of Hansen's Disease, more commonly known as leprosy, through the eyes of three Hansen's patients. These three courageous human beings and their families will offer a unique glimpse into their life experiences. They recount their lives before and after their diagnosis, their subsequent exile to the quarantined island of Chacachacare, located off the coast of Trinidad, physical manifestations and experimental treatments for Hansen's Disease, ostracization by society and their family and their lives today after rejoining society. Even though a multi-drug treatment for Hansen patients exist today, those afflicted in poorer nations are still afraid to come forward to seek this treatment because of the social stigma born of fear and misunderstanding by the general world populace. By affording the viewer a closer look at the personal odyssey of these inspirational individuals depicted, some of the myths and misconceptions, that has led to the social stigma associated with this complex, mildly infectious disease, will be dispelled. This may someday lead to providing a sense of hope and dignity to Hansen's patients and also lead to major funding, breakthroughs and understanding of other infectious diseases like AIDS and Tuberculosis.

Producer Rudy Hypolite
Lloyd Smith
Rudy Hypolite
Greg Lutton


Taking It To The Screens

This documentary utilizes a film festival for first-time African-American filmmakers as a backdrop to explore their work and provide insight into the film industry. This first time film festival also takes place on the resort island of Martha's Vineyard. The program incorporates a series of interviews with aspiring filmmakers, writers, organizers, actors and film studio executives. These interviews are interspersed with excerpts of the short and feature length 16mm films showcased at the festival and reflect the diversity and richness of the participants' work.  Included is a film production seminar conducted by Hollywood and independent production companies. The documentary segments explore film distribution, financing and employment within the industry, as it relates to African-American and other filmmakers and writers. The program concludes with thought provoking statements and images depicting the portrayal of African-Americans in cinema.

Produced by Rudy Hypolite
Lloyd Smith
Rudy Hypolite


Boston Carnival: It's West-Indian Culture

This documentary utilizes the steelpan music of the Metro Steel Orchestra to explore the sights and sounds of Boston's West-Indian Carnival. The program documents three years of this annual parade which showcases the steelband, brass and other bands, calypso, reggae and soca music of these West-Indian islands and the beautiful Mardi-Gras like costumes and masqueraders on display on the streets of Roxbury and Dorchester. Interviews with participants and organizers give insight into the origin of the festival in Trinidad, which was a way for indentured servants and slaves to ridicule their owners by emulating their mode of dress. In addition, the piece explores the origin of the steelpan after World War II and the craftsmanship involved in making the costumes, which range from the simple to the incredibly elaborate

Produced and Edited by Rudy Hypolite




















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