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Stephanie Coic
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Stephanie Coic

I feel very fortunate to have connected with this group.The projects and personalities are diverse and inspirational. What I like best, is that each person brings something different to the table – their own unique talents. Everyone grows and benefits from everyone else's experiences and perspectives. I hope to gain knowledge in this way, and bring something of my own into the story as well.

I have worked as a designer in digital and print media for 10 years. I have experience in many aspects of design, including illustration (digital & traditional), web design & development, page layout, image editing, presentation design, multimedia, Graphical User Interface design, and logo design. I have also designed and story-boarded Web applications, and conducted quality assurance on Web site and Web application projects and have experience testing software functionality. I have worked in both a traditional design studio setting and the technology sector.

I went to school for painting, and later on, taught myself to use computers. Then graphics, web development, and illustration software became a new set of tools for me.

I live in Paris, France.

You can view pictures of design projects and other work using the links below.

> Graphic Design
Digital Collage (Photoshop)



Graphic Design

Web design, print work, logo design, PowerPoint, Illustration....Have a project? I am always interested in freelance opportunities. Send me an email.

Recent/Current Client Work for ERG, Inc.


Brochure Detail

Trade show Booth

Brochure Cover


Detail of schematic showing pollution
to a community

For more of my work, please click here.


Digital Collage

The power of Photoshop and image manipulation makes anything possible. I like to create landscapes which evoke images from dreams and scenes from fantastical worlds. I have included small versions of a few below. These images are collages made on the PC using using Photoshop 6.0, then output to glossy photo paper via inkjet. The images are approximately 8.5 by 11inches and 300 dpi.


Houses of God


Family Portrait

Follow Me



Details from some of my paintings.





















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