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> Media Literacy Workshops — Ongoing Workshops

Designed and taught by Tim Wright

Introduction to Images and Sounds in Media
One 3-hour meeting

An introduction to media literacy designed for access producers before they have had any hands-on production training. An image of a volunteer is put on screen and compared with the actuality of the person it represents, point by point. Ways of manipulating images are demonstrated and discussed, by camera and lens shifts, video processing, and editing. An image sequence is introduced and analyzed. Finally, various sounds are put over the image sequence and compared. The differing ways in which images and sounds work separately and together are analyzed. The purpose of the workshop is to help producers realize the intrinsic strangeness of the world of television so they can better reflect on their own coming work. Limited to 20 students. No prerequisites.

Deconstructing Television

This workshop typically comprises four three-hour sessions, for either producers or access staff members or both, depending on need and interest. It illustrates with hands-on demonstrations the basic principles of media literacy as outlined in the Aspen Leadership Conference of 1992: 1.Media construct, rather than mirror, reality; 2. Media contain value messages; 3. Much of media is designed to deliver audiences to advertisers; 4. Media content is influenced by media forms; and 5. Audiences negotiate media meaning based on previous life experience. The content focus of the workshop can be on news programming, talk shows, commercials; or sexual and violent content across the spectrum, depending on interest. Limited to 14 students. Prerequisites: none.

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> Media Literacy Workshops — Workshops in Development

Video Games

Currently being developed for the Boston Neighborhood Network by Brenda Matthis, Jasmin Sung and Tim Wright

A workshop for parents and teachers which will orient them to the world their children and students are increasingly involved with, and give them actual experience playing video games in an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment.

Recently Completed Workshops
designed and taught by Julie Crinière  and Lu, Chih-Lan.

Youth Voice Collaborative

We co-taught a media literacy at Youth Voice Collaborative working with a diverse population of teenagers from Boston. We ended the program with a screening of students' videos, which was enthusiastically received by parents and members of the community. Our belief is that to become media literate you need not only to analyze media but also to have an opportunity to create media. 



















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