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who we are

Jasmin Sung

I was born and raised in Germany by Chinese parents. In 1983, I came to the United States and studied electronics, video production and theology.

By the early '90's, I had stumbled across a subject that seemed to unite these disparate interests: media literacy. After meeting Dr. Renee Hobbs, and joining, on her recommendation, the Felton Scholar program on media literacy , I worked closely with her on a media literacy curriculum she was developing for the Discovery Channel.

Since, my video production work is always informed by a need to analyze the things we view and the industry that produces what we consume. Technology is changing at a mind-boggling speed, but our need to develop critical skills so we can remain literate and discriminating citizens remains a constant.

To keep up with technological developments, I have been turning my attention to distance learning and multimedia web-based technologies, which requires me to learn new software continuously, which plays to my love of electronics and technology.

I have recently started my own company, Web Media Motion, whose work dovetails beautifully with that of Blinktank. Web Media Motion creates videos, virtual reality and animation for the web.

> Recent Projects

Assignment: Media Literacy Curriculum

This is a k-12 Media Literacy curriculum developed by Dr. Renee Hobbs for the Discovery Channel. I took a media literacy seminar from Dr. Hobbs at Harvard University. Subsequently, she asked me to desktop publish and oversee the website presentation of her curriculum, which I was happy to do.


Time Machine Video

Created for the Mapping Boston Exhibit.

I line produced this 3D animated history of the development of downtown Boston as part of Mapping Boston Exhibition currently on view at the State House. The animation was directed by Bill Warner, the founder of Avid Technology, Inc.

Transportation Access for Seniors in Boston: A Video Roundtable Discussion 

Currently in production, this video documents a discussion of transportation access issues at the Boston Public Library.  I am producing it for the Boston Transportation Department.  (For more information on  this issue,  check the Access Boston website.

















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