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who we are

Michael Underwood

I am a media consultant specializing in video documentary, instructional and promotional programs.
> Documentaries
> Instructional & Informational Videos
> Fictional & Entertainment Videos
> Video Art
> Art Installation

Clients include: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency; Blue Cross Blue Shield; the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation; Massachusetts General Hospital; the Boston Public Library; the Boston  Public Schools, the Elan Pharmaceuticals company and Urban Edge, Inc.


Just Passing Through
A short documentary about the impact of Logan International Airport on the neighboring community of East Boston (co-produced with Tim Wright )

Winter Splash
A short documentary featuring the "polar bear" contingent of the "L Street Brownies" taking their annual winter  swim in the frigid Atlantic Ocean.

Second Gear
A short documentary featuring a teenage entrepreneur who succeeds in starting up a bicycle repair shop.

Produced as teaching tools with and for students in a "Documentary Experience" class at the Boston Film/Video Foundation (co-taught with Tim Wright).

Beers, Babes and Bull's-Eyes
A short documentary about women who compete in the male dominated sport of darts.  

Produced as teaching tools with and for students in a "Documentary Experience" class at the Boston Film/Video Foundation (co-taught with Tim Wright).

Conservation of Matter: The Fall and Rise of Boston's Elevated Subway
Cinematographer for this award winning documentary.

Instructional & Informational Videos

Exemplars in Clinical Excellence

A short  video on the role of the nurse. It highlights the work of exemplary nurses recognized for their outstanding contributions to patient care.
Client: Nursing Department, Massachusetts General Hospital.


Success by Six

A short documentary on the "Healthy Kids Fair" at the Boston 
Medical Center which highlights the interaction between children and volunteers from Blue Cross  Blue Shield.  Commentary by WCVB anchor Heather Kahn.


Urban Edge 2000

A promotional video for a non-profit community development  corporation for its annual meeting and awards dinner at the Museum of Fine Arts.  It profiles leading community groups and individuals and highlights the corporation's mission and accomplishments.


Massachusetts General Hospital

A video "loop" designed for display in the lobby of the Massachusetts General lobby.  It creates awareness of the role of the respiratory therapist in patient care.  
Client: Respiratory Care Department, Massachusetts General Hospital.


Pet Talk

A four part series on pet health care hosted by a veterinarian.


Welcome to Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital 

A video designed to welcome new employees and to highlight the hospital's mission and employee benefits.

Training Videos for Massachusetts General Hospital

Medical Monitoring Improvements

Staple & Suture Removal Training
Epidural Training for Nurses
Physical Therapy for In-Patients
Conscious Sedation Versus Anesthesia


Fictional & Entertainment Videos

Not the Ed Sullivan Show 

A talent show featuring local Boston Street performers. 


The Fine Line

A fictional documentary profiling an accidental genius.



A humorous account of a day in the life of real neurosurgical interns at a major hospital.


Alzheimer's 2099

A fictional account of a future retrospective on the progress made by Alzheimer's researchers.


The Grand Canal

A journey on a river boat that travels up the Grand Canal in China.


No Wasted Blood

A short music video celebrating the student demonstrations in Tienaman Square in Beijing just before the crackdown.



Video Art


Times Square

A montage of a one day cycle of activity in Times Square before it suffered a major facelift in the 90's.


Mixed Emotions

An experimental video using music and video feedback.


Long Live Heavy Metal

A video fantasy about a Harley biker who meets his fate in an accident with a cadillac.


Art Installation

3-D Architectural Photograph installation
for the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

A photographic exhibition designed to display three dimensional architectural photographs in a lobby or exhibition space.  This particular exhibit featured the newly built Frank Lloyd Wright design for the Monona Civic center in Madison, Wisconsin.  It was displayed at the FLLW Foundation/ Taliesin Architects Apprentice Reunion in Scottsdale, AZ.

<<View of photograph through stereo viewer in installation, above.
<<Daytime view of Monona Civic Center. 






















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