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Tim Wright

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Columbia University, B.A. English Literature (Phi Beta Kappa)
University of Chicago, M.A. European History 
Harvard University, Five Year Prize Fellowship, for advanced graduate study

Passable German, bad Spanish, worse French

Founder, Newsreel: Media Construction and Deconstruction. (now known as Blinktank)
Make documentaries about people, processes and institutions in New England. Teach media production techniques and media literacy concepts at media centers, schools, after school programs and community media facilities throughout the state.

Production. Numerous documentaries produced in film and shown on cable  and public television. Conservation of Matter, a documentary on the recycling of Boston's elevated subway line, was funded by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities, the LEF Foundation, a New England Regional Film/Video fellowship and WGBH-TV. It has been licensed for broadcast by WGBH-TV.
Education. Courses have included Basic and Advanced Digital Video Production, Basic Filmmaking with Super 8; Editing Styles and Techniques; Sound Editing Techniques; Interviewing Techniques; The Documentary Experience; Images and Sounds, Deconstructing TV news; The Commercial, etc.

Newsreel Expansion. In the spring of 2000, newsreel was expanded to become a collective of seven media producers, analysts and educators who meet monthly to plan collaborations and maintain a website

Current Independent Production Plastic. A documentary on the culture of debt. Co-produced by Jasmin Sung, funded by the Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities (in progress).

Shooting the Strangler's Wife. A documentary on the making of a 35mm Roger Corman/Cityscape Media Education exploitation film. Co-produced by Molly Froelich, Stacy Sheehan, Rod Williams (in progress).
  Recent Educational Initiatives
  Video Games Workshop. In development. Co-developers Brenda Matthis; Jasmin Sung. Game expert: Jamie Miletsky. A hands on workshop which will demystify video games for intimidated parents and teachers, and assist them in game evaluation.

Images & Sounds: An introduction. A three hour workshop to introduce media literacy concepts to beginning community video producers. Developed for the Boston Neighborhood Network.

Documentary Immersion. A twelve hour workshop in the history of documentary styles and techniques, from Nanook of the North to MTV's The Real World. Developed for the Boston Film/Video Foundation. The Documentary in Action. A hands-on six months long workshop in which students and teacher collaborate on a documentary. Developed for Cityscape Motion Picture Education.
  School, After School and Media Center Workshops Developed and Taught

Boston Neighborhood Network
Boston University College of Communication
Cambridge Community Television
Cape Cod Community Television (C3TV)
Devine Elementary School, Randolph, MA
Dorchester Neighborhood House
Essex Elementary School, Randolph, MA
Edward Devotion School, Brookline, MA
Hatherly School, Scituate, MA
J.F. Kennedy Library, Dorchester, MA
Lowell Access Television
Paradise City Community Television, Northampton, MA
Pittsfield Public Access
ROCA (Reach Out to Chelsea Adolescents), Chelsea, MA
Showa Women's Institute, Boston, MA
Timilty Middle School, Boston, MA
University of Massachusetts Boston
William Howard Taft Middle School, Brighton, MA
Youth Voice Collaborative, Boston, MA

Video Production for Clients
The Boston Children's Museum
The Boston Public Library
Eastern Research Group, Inc.
Harvard University
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
Ocean Challenge, Inc.
The Tax Equity Alliance for Massachusetts
WGBH Television
Access Coordinator, Boston Neighborhood Network
Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Boston Public Schools


  • Winner, Judges Grand Prize and Audience Choice Award in the 1997 U.S. Super 8mm Film/Video Festival (Conservation of Matter).
  • Winner, Best Editing in the 1996 New England Film/Video Festival (Conservation of Matter).
  • Recipient, pre-production, production and post production grants, Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities. (Conservation of Matter, 1993, 1997, Plastic, 1999.)
  • Winner, Documentary Public Awareness award in the 1986 Hometown, USA Video contest (Fanyard Wharf).
  • Member, National Endowment for the Arts Advisory Committee on Arts Education (1990).
  • Member, Media Institution Grants Funding Panel, Massachusetts Cultural Council (1998).


















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