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Tim Wright

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Reviews and Pricing


"In my experience, most artists are not natural teachers. Tim Wright is a glowing exception"
—Gail Reimer, co-director, Massachusetts Foundation for the Humanities

"Tim Wright is very creative, both in teaching methods and materials. He is also very sensitive to the diverse needs and learning styles of his students. His love of teaching is rare."
—Eliot Kaplan, former Education Director Boston Film/Video Foundation

"Tim has the ability to reach young people, to 'flow' with them with great ease. He understands television from the inside out. I believe he is one of the best educators in the city of Boston."
—Ifé Franklin, textile artist, media literacy teacher

"Tim Wright's skill and passion as a teacher clearly excite people. Producers are begging us to do more of his workshops."
Susan Fleischmann, Executive Director, Cambridge Community TV

"Tim, thanks for the Style you've given my editing. It's even worked its way into my style of dress."
Mary Leno, Producer,  Cambridge Community TV

Information on Pricing and Availability

Workshops are billed at $60 per classroom hour.  If the workshop is held outside route 128, there is a transportation add-on of .30 per mile.  Curriculum materials are included in the hourly fee, as is a descriptive  poster for each workshop which can be photocopied for mailings as well.  Centers should schedule workshops at least one month in advance to give sufficient time to promote them.  Centers may cancel workshops without penalty for lack of enrollment up to three days before they are to occur without penalty.  If cancelled after that time, there is a  kill fee of $50 charged.  The instructor reserves the right to cancel a workshop as well if there are fewer than five enrollees. Centers are expected to provide a large video monitor, a VHS  VCR, and a chalk- or whiteboard for class meetings.  They are also expected to furnish equipment for students to do the assignment(s)  typically  given by the instructor.  Workshops are generally taught on weekday evenings, but can occasionally be arranged on weekends  as well.  For more information, e-mail Tim.


















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