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Recent Videos for Clients

For a national satellite forum on Municipal Solid Waste Solutions for Global Climate Change, I produced and edited a two-minute montage illustrating the creation and consequences of global warming, and a series of person on the street interviews on the subject, both of which were shown at the forum. Forum producer: Janice Canterbury, scripting by Sue Eisenfeld and Janice Canterbury.
  Camera work by Jasmin Sung, Michael Underwood and Tim Wright with production assistance from Casey Ratliff-Wright, Sarah Bowman. Client: Eastern Research Group (for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).


I shot and edited a piece on Full Cost Accounting, a video which uses examples from cities and towns across the U.S. to illustrate the benefits of this form of municipal accounting.
  Client: Eastern Research Group (for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).
I co-produced (with Rudy Hypolite) and edited a piece on Installing Vinyl Siding, a training tape for installers for the Vinyl Siding Institute.
  Script by Susan Eisenfeld, line producer Rudy Hypolite. Client: Eastern Research Group (for the Vinyl Siding Institute).

O ther Clients
U.S. Occupational and Health Administration
Harvard University
The Tax Equity Alliance for Massachusetts
Ocean Challenge, Inc.
The Boston Children's Museum
The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation
The Boston Public Library
The Youth Voice Collaborative


















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